Total number of supply is 18,400,000 XWP. Mining Swap uses Cuckaroo29s Cycle PoW with a 15 second block time. Block timing is regulated using Monero DAA.

Cuckaroo29s hashing improves verification speed substancially making block propagation much faster.


CryptoNote protocol based privacy standards for transactions.

Decreases cryptographic proof sizes.

Faster confirmations and higher transaction throughput.

Improved network performance and stability.

Establishes a working economy discouraging the mining of empty blocks.

Encouraging early adoption and early network security.

Born without governance fees and staying without governance fees. Swap does use miner fees to incentivize network security.

Equal, fair, and open community release.

 Swap Wallet 2.0

All wallets post-fork enabled.

 Cuckaroo29s Miners

Mining XWP post-fork 2/20 10:30 AM UTC.
Minimum 5.5GB GPU VRAM required. Support for Windows and Linux.

 CN-Superfast Miners

Mining XWP pre-fork.

 Swap Pools

Pool links will be updated post-fork 2/20 10:30 AM UTC.
Check all available pools and live stats on MiningPoolStats and CryptUnit.


Current project milestones and future short-term goals.

November 16th 2018

FreeHaven is Born

Simply speaking, Haven added fees, so the community made a free coin. Thus the birth of the "FreeHaven" project.

Faster 15 second blocktime, no premine, no fees, and the best part.. no BS.

December 11th 2018

Rebranding to Swap (XWP) and BulletProof Transactions

Community members decided to completely break away from Haven by rebranding to Swap.

Not only a name change but also cutting all coding ties to Haven. Swap is rebased from Monero adding BulletProof transactions.

December 16th 2018

Hardware Wallet Support

Store XWP physically with a Ledger Blue, Nano S, or Nano X.

February 15th 2019

Swap.fyi Comes Online

First Swap splash page is born with links to pools, mining software, and wallet downloads.

Swap marketing starts assembling. Social media sites are established and community outreach begins to form.

February 20th 2019

Forking to Cuckaroo29s Cycle PoW

Swap is the first CryptoNote coin to integrate the Cuckaroo Cycle PoW for fair mining.

The change brings the Swap network superior protection and stability.

Future Goal

Mobile and Web Wallet Support

Mobile and web wallet support coming soon.

Future Goal

XWP Exchange Listings

Listing to an exchanges will become a priority after a successful fork to Cuckaroo29s Cycle PoW.


There are no official exchanges.

Get XWP with escrow on Discord (#otc-trading) or rent hashing using MiningRigRentals.


Swap is a community project with people contributing from around the world.


Sebastian Green


Founder, Developer


Long Huynh


Founder, Developer


Kyle Killman


Founder, Developer


Greg Almeida


Founder, Marketing


Nick Cadden




Giancarlo Rinna


Marketing, Design


Pablo Cáceres




Chris Clausen




Tiago Santos




Richard McCormick



 Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions from the community. If you have a question reach out to us.

What sets Swap aside from other coins?

We use Moneros way of handling transactions (BulletProof) and a Grins-like way of mining (Cuckaroo29s Cycle PoW). Swap will stay close to Monero technology-wise while not using their PoW algorithm that requires constant forking, destroying decentralization.

What is the current main objective for Swap?

Our main objective is to remain an ethical useful technology. To us, this includes fairness, transparency, security, and ease of use. With Swap you can expect no compromises with governance fees, no premine, and no BS.

How can someone without coding skills help the project?

Besides running a node to support the network, it would be helpful to learn more about the technology. It's easier to explain things when you understand them and you can better form opinions about the technology's potential, or lack thereof.

The best thing is bringing more people in, all kinds of people, regardless of coding skill, and also haters, because they help to make the community more robust.

Why is the algorithm going to change and when?

CryptoNight is slow on GPUs because FGPAs can use embedded RAM. Further variants of CryptoNight will buy time but do not solve anything long-term. Cuckaroo Cycle PoW brings superior protection and stability to the Swap network.

The change will happen once the technology is stable. With proper planning and testing, the transition will be smooth.

Is MimbleWimble Cuckoo?

No, MimbleWimble is the protocol (like CryptoNote), Cuckoo is the original algorithm Cuckatoo and Cuckaroo are based on. Cuckatoo is the ASIC friendly algorithm and Cuckaroo is the GPU friendly algorithm. Swap will stay with the GPU friendly algorithm, Cuckaroo.

Is Swap planning to be listed on exchanges?

Yes, the exchanges listing process will start after the fork.


Swap is the first CryptoNote coin securing their network by implementing mining with the Cuckaroo Cycle PoW.

Learn more about Cuckoo from the creator John Tromp.

Cuckoo Whitepaper Cuckoo Github 

Simplest PoW algorthim.

"With a 42-line complete specification, Cuckatoo Cycle is less than half the size of either SHA256 or Blake2b. While trivially verifiable, finding a 42-cycle, on the other hand, is far from trivial, requiring considerable resources."
  - John Tromp

Most efficient way to find cycles.

Step one is removing edges that are not part of a cycle (99.9%). Step two is a backtracking graph traversal to find all cycles.

Swap uses 32 edge trimming cycles.

Lean and mean mining.

Miners use 1 bit per edge and 1 bit per node. Finding node bits in random sequence causes a bottleneck which makes mining memory latency bound.

The majority of this form of mining is done in a very simple way.

Decreased hash confirmation time.

Less server overhead making processing more efficient.

CryptoNote and Cuckaroo29s hybrid monster.

Swap is keeping CryptoNote for transactions with anonymity features and user friendliness. Meanwhile, for mining, adpoting Cuckaroo29s with superior network protection and stability.

CryptoNight mining is vulnerable to FPGA and ASIC network attacking.

Cuckaroo29 vs Cuckaroo29s?

Cuckaroo29 uses 42-cycles while Cuckaroo29s uses 32-cycles. Both cycling ratios produce similar performances. Check the Whitepaper for details.

Graph cycle performance.

Find an improvement in mining performance and recieve a bounty reward.

CPU speedup bounty $10,000, linear time-memory trade-off bounty $10,000, GPU speedup bounty $5,000, and Siphash bounty $5,000.

Tromp's Bounty Proposal